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This is my family.

Hi, welcome to my homepage. I live in Alberta, Canada, winters are cold, and summer is beautiful, and Springtime is full of wonderful new things that Mother Nature has given us. Unlike fall time it's a time where leaves start changing their color, from a beautiful green, to reds, and browns, and golden yellow colors. Canada is a wonderful place to live.

I am married to a wonderful man. He works very hard and long hours. We have three children, ages 32 and 29, and 15........YES 15, a wonderful surprise that one was.

We have two dogs......two females. They are Shih Tzu, one with Terrier Cross. Their names are Tiffany, and Missy.

I enjoy knitting and sewing, and baking. I hope that you will visit my Recipe Page.

Thank you for visiting my homepage, please sign my guestbook, check out the recipe page, I will be adding more recipes soon.

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This is my daughters really funky site. Check it out! This is a graphics and craft site.

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